I enjoyed reading this thank you. It reminded me of the abruzzese community in Melbourne, renown for their macramè skills. I worked at a popular Italian restaurant there, one of the owner was a second generation abruzzese and had used macramè decoration as a highlight and a nod to his roots. I met many second and third generations during that time. It felt like traveling back to an Italy that's not there anymore. This experience forced me to stop and think about my own family. My grandparents migrated to Germany from Sardinia in the fifties and lived there ever since. I bet they have many stories to tell.

Thank you for sharing your stories, it's an important thing to do.

Ciao from Venice!

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Ciao! Thank you so much for this comment and sharing your memories of Melbourne. As you said, it’s important to share our stories with each other. 💗

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